Robin Williams dies battling Depression

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams is dead. A great actor and a great comedian. But few knows that he was also battling depression. And he is not the only comedian that is suffering from depression. Jim Carrey, another great comedian is also suffering from depression. And is no wonder, the laughter and jokes can be a relieve from the sadness generated by depression.

Sometimes, the laughter and jokes are not enough. The cause of death, in the case of Robin Williams, may be well suicide.


PACIFIC PALISADES ( The death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams has put the spotlight on the issue of depression.

CBS2’s Rachel Kim spoke with Damon Raskin, medical director at Cliffside Malibu Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center, on Monday about the warning symptoms of addiction, depression and suicide tolook out for.

“This is a tragedy that could’ve been prevented with the right type of treatment,” said Raskin. “I believe a lot of their comedy has roots in tragedy, in trying to overcome those negative feelings and sort of putting on a facade.”

Raskin told Kim that most comedians often face the pressure of succeeding while trying to please others, and often give up on themselves.

“They’ve either been emotionally abused or neglected, or they haven’t dealt with some of their anger issues,” said Raskin.

Raskin never treated Williams but believes most comedians are susceptible to depression and suicide.

“Not dressing the same, not taking care of themselves, sleeping more, eating less, not coming out,” Raskin said. “If you see those types of behaviors, you really want to get them some help.”

I just wanted to say that depression is very serious, and maybe the jokes, and laughter and everything else may be a temporary relief. But in order to find the happiness you need to do more. You need to find yourself, to meditate, to find your self-esteem and rise a healthy self-esteem.

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